JANUARY 11-13, 2018
Jeremy gill: SIX pensées DE PASCAL
(world Premiere)

January 11, 2018: Church of the Transfiguration, New York, NY; 7:30pm
January 12, 2018: Jamaica Plain Concert Series, Boston, MA; 8:00pm
January 13, 2018: St. Stephen's Church, Philadelphia, PA; 8:00pm

Blaise Pascal, mathematician and theologian, melds the scientific with the religious in his work, Pensées. In a new commission for Variant 6, Boston-based composer Jeremy Gill sets excerpts from these enigmatic texts, highlighting the threads of doubt that make up the tapestry of faith. We pair this world premiere with other music that contemplates devoutness and doubt during troubling times. Among these are selections from Claude Le Jeune's monumental and unusual Renaissance work, the Dodecacorde - which set Psalms of Davids in all twelve modes in complex rhythmic counterpoint. 


Jeremy Gill - Six Pensées de Pascal (World Premiere, 2018) 
Francis Poulenc -  Un soir de neige (1944), Salve Regina (1941), Tenebrae factae sunt (1938)
James MacMillan - selections from Strathclyde Motets (2005-2010)
Claude LeJeune - selections from Dodecacorde (1598) 


New York, Church of the Transfiguration: tickets and information available here.  

Boston, Jamaica Plain Concert Series: tickets available here.

Philadelphia, St. Stephen's Church: tickets available here.