Variant 6

Variant 6

Variant 6 + New Chamber Ballet

March 12, 2020: The Performance Garage, Philadelphia

MARCH 13, 2020: the Performance Garage, Philadelphia

May 29, 2020: New York City, Venue TBD

May 30, 2020: New York CITY, VENUE TBD

New Chamber Ballet is a dance company that performs to live contemporary music. Choreographer Miro Magloire mixes classical ballet with contemporary dance in unique, intimate ways that ask questions about gender, expression, and emotionality. NCB will join Variant 6 in an evening of new choreography, combining the rhythmic, ritualistic music of Toby Twining with the esoteric motets of the medieval Trecento and ars subtillior styles. 

Read more about New Chamber Ballet here.